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Stylish mouth-blown water bottles with screw caps in a unique gift box!

With these decanters from Paveau you not only complete the stylish atmosphere of your table   but you also contribute to our planet. Fill the reusable bottle with (spray) water or another favorite drink.

With a lot of love and a heart for nature, stylish glass water bottles in different colors that can be effortlessly mixed & matched, according to the interior or ... the mood.

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Sold outKaraf Paveau met Draaidop BellsKaraf Paveau met Draaidop Bells
<transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Bondi</transcy><transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Bondi</transcy>
<transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Cable</transcy><transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Cable</transcy>
Sold outKaraf Paveau met Draaidop LuckyKaraf Paveau met Draaidop Lucky
Karaf Paveau met Draaidop PinkKaraf Paveau met Draaidop Pink
Sold out<transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Twilight</transcy><transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Twilight</transcy>
<transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap White Heaven</transcy><transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap White Heaven</transcy>
Waterglas Paveau Bells BrownWaterglas Paveau Bells Brown
Waterglas Paveau Bells Brown Sale price€17,00
Waterglas Paveau Bondi GreenWaterglas Paveau Bondi Green
Waterglas Paveau Bondi Green Sale price€17,00
Waterglas Paveau Cable YellowWaterglas Paveau Cable Yellow
Waterglas Paveau Lucky Light BlueWaterglas Paveau Lucky Light Blue
Waterglas Paveau PinkWaterglas Paveau Pink
Waterglas Paveau Pink Sale price€17,00
Waterglas Paveau Twilight BlueWaterglas Paveau Twilight Blue
Waterglas Paveau White HeavenWaterglas Paveau White Heaven