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Sold outKaraf Paveau met Draaidop BellsKaraf Paveau met Draaidop Bells
<transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Cable</transcy><transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Cable</transcy>
Sold outKaraf Paveau met Draaidop LuckyKaraf Paveau met Draaidop Lucky
<transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Bondi</transcy><transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Bondi</transcy>
Karaf Paveau met Draaidop PinkKaraf Paveau met Draaidop Pink
Sold out<transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Twilight</transcy><transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap Twilight</transcy>
<transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap White Heaven</transcy><transcy>Decanter Paveau with screw cap White Heaven</transcy>
Sold out<transcy>Bottle Ichendorf Animal Farm Hippopotamus</transcy>
<transcy>Bottle Ichendorf Figure Animal Farm Fish with Alga</transcy>
<transcy>Bottle Ichendorf Figure Animal Farm Bird on Tak</transcy>
<transcy>Bottle Ichendorf Figure Desert Plant Cactus Green</transcy>
Sold out<transcy>Decanter Ichendorf Animal Farm Hedgehog</transcy>
Karaf Inku Large 180 clKaraf Inku Large 180 cl
Karaf Inku Large 180 cl Sale price€67,50
Karaf Inku Medium 60 clKaraf Inku Medium 60 cl
Karaf Inku Medium 60 cl Sale price€44,50
<transcy>Decanter Monsieur Cruchot Mini Glass</transcy>
<transcy>Decanter Riedel Dekanter "O" Magnum</transcy><transcy>Decanter Riedel Dekanter "O" Magnum</transcy>
<transcy>Decanter Riedel Dekanter Amadeo</transcy><transcy>Decanter Riedel Dekanter Amadeo</transcy>
<transcy>Decanter Riedel Dekanter Flirt</transcy><transcy>Decanter Riedel Dekanter Flirt</transcy>
Decanter Riedel Dekanter Flirt Sale price€249,00
<transcy>Carafe Cleaner Pearls</transcy><transcy>Carafe Cleaner Pearls</transcy>
Carafe Cleaner Pearls Sale price€13,50
<transcy>Decanter Pascale D13 H20</transcy>
Decanter Pascale D13 H20 Sale price€40,50
Karaf XLboom Lima 1L Green Light
Sold out<transcy>Jug Passe-Partout L D11,2 H13,2 75cl Mat</transcy>
Sold out<transcy>Jug Passe-Partout XL D13.2 H16.1 150cl Mat</transcy>
Sold out<transcy>Jug 25cl Glass Passe-partout</transcy>
Jug 25cl Glass Passe-partout Sale price€18,50
Sold out<transcy>Jug Passe-Partout M Milk D7,7 H9 25cl Mat</transcy>
<transcy>Jug Passe-Partout XS Milk D6.2 H7.1 12.5cl Mat</transcy>
<transcy>Decanter 75cl with Glass 20cl Passe-partout</transcy>
<transcy>CARAF DARK BLUE S 14X10 H14</transcy><transcy>CARAF DARK BLUE S 14X10 H14</transcy>
CARAF DARK BLUE S 14X10 H14 Sale price€39,00
<transcy>Carafe Copper Glass</transcy><transcy>Carafe Copper Glass</transcy>
Carafe Copper Glass Sale price€37,50
<transcy>Decanter Mario Luca Giusti Roberta</transcy><transcy>Decanter Mario Luca Giusti Roberta</transcy>
Sold outKaraf Ichendorf Tabby Cat Smoke Tail
Karaf Ichendorf Tabby Cat Amber Tail & Fish
Sold outFles Karaf Atlantis Duikboot 1,2lFles Karaf Atlantis Duikboot 1,2l
Karaf Spiegelau Decanter LifestyleKaraf Spiegelau Decanter Lifestyle
Sold outKaraf Spiegelau Decanter Toscana
Karaf Inku Small D7 H11 cm 16 clKaraf Inku Small D7 H11 cm 16 cl
Sold outKaraf Inku XS D6 H9 cm 9 clKaraf Inku XS D6 H9 cm 9 cl
Karaf Inku XS D6 H9 cm 9 cl Sale price€23,50
Karaf Cena Glas L 1L Smokey GreyKaraf Cena Glas L 1L Smokey Grey
Karaf Cena Glas S 0,5L Smokey GreyKaraf Cena Glas S 0,5L Smokey Grey
<transcy>Can Pure 75 cl Dark Blue</transcy><transcy>Can Pure 75 cl Dark Blue</transcy>
Can Pure 75 cl Dark Blue Sale price€62,00
Karaf Ichendorf Woodland Tales Kerstboom met Uil
Karaf Ichendorf Woodland Tales Kerstboom met Konijn
Karaf Ichendorf Vegetables Artisjok
Karaf Ichendorf Wish Tree Kerstboom met Ijsbeer
Sold outKaraf Ichendorf Fruits & Flowers Ananas
Karaf Ichendorf Marine Garden Vis Groen
Sold outKaraf Ichendorf Marine Garden Vis Roze