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The Mova Globe is a globe that spins gently on solar energy and the Earth's magnetic field. Never before have you seen such a unique globe. No batteries or wires are required. Place the globe on its stand and your Mova globe comes to life. The globe starts spinning when exposed to natural or artificial light.

Each globe has a transparent outer shell. This external layer remains stationary while an internal layer rotates using advanced magnets and solar cells to drive the movement. These Mova globes are available in different sizes and models.

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Wereldbol Antique Terrestrial Green MWereldbol Antique Terrestrial Green M
Wereldbol Antique Terrestrial White MWereldbol Antique Terrestrial White M
Wereldbol Black and Silver LWereldbol Black and Silver L
Wereldbol Black and Silver L Sale price€329,00
Wereldbol Black and Silver MWereldbol Black and Silver M
Wereldbol Black and Silver M Sale price€219,00
Wereldbol Blue Political Map MWereldbol Blue Political Map M
Wereldbol Blue Political Map M Sale price€219,00
Wereldbol Blue Relief Map LWereldbol Blue Relief Map L
Wereldbol Blue Relief Map L Sale price€329,00
Wereldbol Blue Relief Map MWereldbol Blue Relief Map M
Wereldbol Blue Relief Map M Sale price€219,00
Wereldbol Earth with Clouds LWereldbol Earth with Clouds L
Wereldbol Earth with Clouds L Sale price€329,00
Wereldbol Earth with Clouds MWereldbol Earth with Clouds M
Wereldbol Earth with Clouds M Sale price€219,00
Wereldbol Earth with Clouds XLWereldbol Earth with Clouds XL
Wereldbol Earth with Clouds XL Sale price€549,00
Wereldbol White and Gold MWereldbol White and Gold M
Wereldbol White and Gold M Sale price€219,00
Wereldbol White Gold LWereldbol White Gold L
Wereldbol White Gold L Sale price€329,00