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Italian collection of kitchen aids, salad bowls,... and design objects.

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<transcy>Storage Box Tierra Guzzini with Bamboo Lid M</transcy><transcy>Storage Box Tierra Guzzini with Bamboo Lid M</transcy>
<transcy>Storage Boxes Tierra Guzzini with Bamboo Lid S Set 3</transcy><transcy>Storage Boxes Tierra Guzzini with Bamboo Lid S Set 3</transcy>
Bord Blues Large 27,5cmBord Blues Large 27,5cm
Bord Blues Large 27,5cm Sale price€9,00
Bord Blues Medium 21,5cmBord Blues Medium 21,5cm
Bord Blues Medium 21,5cm Sale price€7,00
Bord Flower & Lemon Large 27,5cmBord Flower & Lemon Large 27,5cm
Bord Flower & Lemon Medium 21,5cmBord Flower & Lemon Medium 21,5cm
<transcy>Bread box Tierra Guzzini with Bamboo lid</transcy><transcy>Bread box Tierra Guzzini with Bamboo lid</transcy>
<transcy>Cuckoo clock QQ Gray</transcy><transcy>Cuckoo clock QQ Gray</transcy>
Cuckoo clock QQ Gray Sale price€125,00
<transcy>Cuckoo clock QQ Red</transcy><transcy>Cuckoo clock QQ Red</transcy>
Cuckoo clock QQ Red Sale price€125,00
<transcy>Bowl Tierra Guzzini XS</transcy><transcy>Bowl Tierra Guzzini XS</transcy>
Bowl Tierra Guzzini XS Sale price€7,00
Pasta Bord Blues Medium 21,5cmPasta Bord Blues Medium 21,5cm
Pasta Bord Flower & Lemon Medium 21,5cmPasta Bord Flower & Lemon Medium 21,5cm
Plateau Rechthoekig Blues met HandvatenPlateau Rechthoekig Blues met Handvaten
Plateau Rechthoekig Flower & Lemon met HandvatenPlateau Rechthoekig Flower & Lemon met Handvaten
<transcy>Pot coaster Guzzini 3 in 1 Trivets Green</transcy><transcy>Pot coaster Guzzini 3 in 1 Trivets Green</transcy>
<transcy>Pot coaster Guzzini 3 in 1 Trivets Mix</transcy><transcy>Pot coaster Guzzini 3 in 1 Trivets Mix</transcy>
Schaal Blues Ovaal LargeSchaal Blues Ovaal Large
Schaal Blues Ovaal Large Sale price€22,50
Schaal Blues Ovaal SmallSchaal Blues Ovaal Small
Schaal Blues Ovaal Small Sale price€14,00
Schaal Flower & Lemon Ovaal LargeSchaal Flower & Lemon Ovaal Large
Schaal Flower & Lemon Ovaal SmallSchaal Flower & Lemon Ovaal Small
Schaal Flower & Lemon Rechthoekig MSchaal Flower & Lemon Rechthoekig M
<transcy>Bowl Tierra Guzzini Hors d'ouvres Trio Dish</transcy><transcy>Bowl Tierra Guzzini Hors d'ouvres Trio Dish</transcy>
Sold out<transcy>Lettuce Cutlery Tiffany Guzzini White</transcy><transcy>Lettuce Cutlery Tiffany Guzzini White</transcy>
Slabestek Feeling Serveer Vork en Lepel Blauw
Slabestek Feeling Serveer Vork en Lepel Wit
Slabestek Flower & LemonSlabestek Flower & Lemon
Slabestek Flower & Lemon Sale price€10,00
Sold outSlakom Blues M 22cmSlakom Blues M 22cm
Slakom Blues M 22cm Sale price€15,00
Sold outSlakom Blues Ovaal LSlakom Blues Ovaal L
Slakom Blues Ovaal L Sale price€14,00
Sold outSlakom Blues XL 30cmSlakom Blues XL 30cm
Slakom Blues XL 30cm Sale price€20,00
Slakom Flower & Lemon M 22cmSlakom Flower & Lemon M 22cm
Slakom Flower & Lemon M 22cm Sale price€15,00
Slakom Flower & Lemon Ovaal LSlakom Flower & Lemon Ovaal L
Slakom Flower & Lemon XL 30cmSlakom Flower & Lemon XL 30cm
Sold out<transcy>Salad bowl Tierra Guzzini L + Lid</transcy><transcy>Salad bowl Tierra Guzzini L + Lid</transcy>
<transcy>Salad bowl Tierra Guzzini M + Lid</transcy><transcy>Salad bowl Tierra Guzzini M + Lid</transcy>
<transcy>Salad bowl Tierra Guzzini XL</transcy><transcy>Salad bowl Tierra Guzzini XL</transcy>
Salad bowl Tierra Guzzini XL Sale price€31,50
<transcy>Salad bowl Tierra Guzzini XL + Lid</transcy><transcy>Salad bowl Tierra Guzzini XL + Lid</transcy>
Sold out<transcy>Salad spinner Spin & Store Guzzini 26 cm</transcy><transcy>Salad spinner Spin & Store Guzzini 26 cm</transcy>
Vergiet Spin & Drain Guzzini GrijsVergiet Spin & Drain Guzzini Grijs
Vergiet Spin & Drain Guzzini GroenVergiet Spin & Drain Guzzini Groen