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Gimber is a concentrate packed with organic Peruvian ginger, lemons and other subtle herbs, spices and quality ingredients that will get your taste buds dancing. Add it to sparkling water and get a spicy soft drink, with warm water you have a delicious ginger tea, but you can also get away with it in dishes and cocktails!

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<transcy>Gimber 500 ml</transcy><transcy>Gimber 500 ml</transcy>
Gimber 500 ml Sale price€23,95
<transcy>Gimber 700ml</transcy><transcy>Gimber 700ml</transcy>
Gimber 700ml Sale price€27,95
Gimber N°1 700ml Limited Edition Diane Von FürstenbergGimber N°1 700ml Limited Edition Diane Von Fürstenberg
Gimber N°1 Original 200ml
Gimber N°1 Original 200ml Sale price€11,95
<transcy>Gimber N°2 BRUT 500ml NEW</transcy><transcy>Gimber N°2 BRUT 500ml NEW</transcy>
Gimber N°2 BRUT 500ml NEW Sale price€23,95
Gimber N°2 BRUT 700ml
Gimber N°2 BRUT 700ml Sale price€27,95
Gimber Sweet Lilly 500mlGimber Sweet Lilly 500ml
Gimber Sweet Lilly 500ml Sale price€23,95