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Staub is produced in France and is the brand for high quality cast iron cookware. The great advantage of cooking with the cocottes from Staub, specialist in enamelled cast iron, is that your ingredients retain their nutritional value and full flavor better. The matte black enamel on the inside also simplifies the maintenance of your cocotte. The flat lid is equipped with picots so that your dish is continuously and evenly moistened, for an even juicier result. Because it retains heat excellently, cooking with cast iron is also very energy-saving.

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Sold out<transcy>Cocotte Staub Round 24cm Black</transcy><transcy>Cocotte Staub Round 24cm Black</transcy>
Cocotte Staub Round 24cm Black Sale price€279,00
-22%<transcy>Cocotte Staub Round 26cm Black</transcy><transcy>Cocotte Staub Round 26cm Black</transcy>
Cocotte Staub Round 26cm Black Sale price€249,00 Regular price€319,00
-23%<transcy>Cocotte Staub Round 28cm Black</transcy><transcy>Cocotte Staub Round 28cm Black</transcy>
Cocotte Staub Round 28cm Black Sale price€269,00 Regular price€349,00
-21%<transcy>Cocotte Staub Round 30cm Black</transcy><transcy>Cocotte Staub Round 30cm Black</transcy>
Cocotte Staub Round 30cm Black Sale price€299,00 Regular price€379,00
Onderzetter Hout Magnetisch 23cm
-17%Ovenschotel Staub Ceramic XL 34x24cm Ivoor
Ovenschotel Staub Ceramic XL 34x24cm Ivoor Sale price€49,95 Regular price€59,95
Sold out-22%<transcy>Oven dish Staub Small 30x20cm Black</transcy><transcy>Oven dish Staub Small 30x20cm Black</transcy>
Oven dish Staub Small 30x20cm Black Sale price€109,00 Regular price€139,00
-20%<transcy>Pan with Wooden Handle 20cm</transcy><transcy>Pan with Wooden Handle 20cm</transcy>
Pan with Wooden Handle 20cm Sale price€95,00 Regular price€119,00
-22%<transcy>Pan Staub with Wooden Handle 24cm</transcy><transcy>Pan Staub with Wooden Handle 24cm</transcy>
Pan Staub with Wooden Handle 24cm Sale price€109,00 Regular price€139,00
-29%Staub Ronde Cocotte 24cm Stack + Grill Black PROMOStaub Ronde Cocotte 24cm Stack + Grill Black PROMO
Staub Ronde Cocotte 24cm Stack + Grill Black PROMO Sale price€269,00 Regular price€379,00
Staub Stapelbaar Bord Ovaal 21cm
Sold outStaub Stapelbaar Bord Ovaal 24cm
Staub Stapelbaar Bord Ovaal 32cm