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The black pottery from Indigena is handmade in La Chamba, a village in the region of Tolima in Columbia. Since 300 years, 85% of the people living in the village work together to create ceramics, using techniques that have been passed on by their ancestors for many generations.

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<transcy>Plate 5 Large D30 H5</transcy><transcy>Plate 5 Large D30 H5</transcy>
Plate 5 Large D30 H5 Sale price€57,00
<transcy>Plate Medium D26,5 H4</transcy>
Plate Medium D26,5 H4 Sale price€39,00
<transcy>Plate Small D22 H4</transcy>
Plate Small D22 H4 Sale price€28,00
<transcy>Bowl of soup dumpling D13 H7</transcy><transcy>Bowl of soup dumpling D13 H7</transcy>
Bowl of soup dumpling D13 H7 Sale price€19,00
<transcy>Bowl of soup dumpling D16 H7.5</transcy><transcy>Bowl of soup dumpling D16 H7.5</transcy>
<transcy>Bowl of soup dumpling D17.5 H8</transcy><transcy>Bowl of soup dumpling D17.5 H8</transcy>
<transcy>Cooking pot with lid L27 D22 H11-19</transcy>
<transcy>Cooking pot with lid L30 D24 H13.5-21.5</transcy>
Sold out<transcy>Bowl Square Extra Large L34,5 D30 H7</transcy>
Sold out<transcy>Bowl Square Large L29.5 D28 H7</transcy>
<transcy>Bowl Square Medium L22 D20 H5,5</transcy>
<transcy>Bowl Square Medium L27.5 D25 H6.5</transcy>
<transcy>Bowl Square Small L24.5 D23 H6.5</transcy>