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Bestek Maarten Baas Giftbox 16-delig Brushed Black


Bestek Maarten Baas Giftbox 16-delig Brushed Black

Dutch designer Maarten Baas, whose work is often described as rebellious, humorous, intellectual, theatrical and artistic, has designed a cutlery set for valerie_objects. The whimsical shape of each object and the brutalist cuts of the knife emerge from the initial study of the set. It is precisely these characteristics that are inextricably linked with the designer’s work.
This wooden giftbox contains 4 sets of cutlery for 4 people including table knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon (16 pieces in total). The cutlery is made out of black brushed stainless steel (18/10)

The cutlery is dishwasher friendly and suited for horeca use.

Product Information:

itemcode v8017010
length (cm) 28.00
height (cm) 7.00
width (cm) 15.00
collection gift box maarten baas
designer maarten baas
material wood
weight (kg) 0.09
color black