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With nearly 30 years of existence, more than 180 design awards, fruitful collaborations with some of the most prestigious designers, a presence in 90 countries and more than 6,000 points of sale, as well as a significant activity in the corporate gift business, Lexon has established itself as a French design brand known worldwide. Its timeless collections of objects and luggages, designed for the home, office, travel or urban nomadism, combine a strong identity with simplicity of use, bringing an aesthetic pleasure to everyday life.

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Bluetooth Speaker Lexon Mino+ (meerdere kleuren)Bluetooth Speaker Lexon Mino+ (meerdere kleuren)
Diffuser Lexon Horizon Mist Maker (meerdere kleuren)Diffuser Lexon Horizon Mist Maker (meerdere kleuren)
Lamp Lexon BubbleLamp Lexon Bubble
Lamp Lexon Bubble Aanbiedingsprijs€99,95
Led Light Lexon Mina L (meerdere kleuren)Led Light Lexon Mina L (meerdere kleuren)
Led Light Lexon Mina L Audio (meerdere kleuren)Led Light Lexon Mina L Audio (meerdere kleuren)
Led Light Lexon Mina M (meerdere kleuren)Led Light Lexon Mina M (meerdere kleuren)
Led Light Lexon Mina S (meerdere kleuren)Led Light Lexon Mina S (meerdere kleuren)
Stekker Lexon Poweron USB (meerdere kleuren)Stekker Lexon Poweron USB (meerdere kleuren)
Wekker Lamp Mina Sunrise (meerdere kleuren)Wekker Lamp Mina Sunrise (meerdere kleuren)
Wekker Lexon Flip Premium (meerdere kleuren)Wekker Lexon Flip Premium (meerdere kleuren)
Wekker Lexon Flip+ (meerdere kleuren)Wekker Lexon Flip+ (meerdere kleuren)
Wekker Lexon Flip+ (meerdere kleuren) Aanbiedingsprijs€39,95