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Messen Forge De Laguiole Juniper handle Set van 6


Messen Forge De Laguiole Juniper handle Set van 6

The collection Tradition of Forge de Laguiole® table knives is the perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship, quality and refinement. The Original Forge de Laguiole® knife is characterized by its fluid and silky cut, which underlines the pleasure of a carefully prepared meal and a table set with love and care.

We work with natural materials whose texturing and colour can vary. The photos on this site are not contractually binding.

Set of 6 table knives

Ref: T6 2M IN GE
Size: 23.50 cm
Handle material: Juniper
Finish: Satin
Box: Set of 6
Kom deze unieke, handgemaakte collectie messen ontdekken bij PERRON 47!

About a hundred employees work each day in Forge de Laguiole® manufactory to handcraft unique pieces. It’s a true time travel. Exclusive French steel for an exceptional cutting edge! All the metals parts for our Forge de Laguiole knives are made within our manufactory. The handles made of wood, horn, bone, or even mammoth molar, are individually chosen, sculpted and hand shaped by our Master-Knifesmiths. Each knife is finally individually cleaned by hand, then controlled to the highest standard of quality, before being certified as a unique piece.