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Lamp Humble One Soft (meerdere kleuren)


Lamp Humble One Soft 

One Soft is part of our latest collection, the soft collection. It has a matt white base, a clear bulb, and the seamlessly knitted colored fabric jacket is stain-proof to make sure it maintains its handsome appearance.

The Humble One is the first battery-powered lamp that puts the traditional glass bulb front and centre. The bulb of this cordless table light glows like any old-school incandescent type, but is made out of tiny and efficient LEDs. Fully charged, it produces up to 140 hours of light.

The bulb’s brightness can be changed by simply pressing the button on the bottom – or by pressing the dim-buttons on the remote – to one of three different settings: candle, ambient and work. The battery can be charged both wirelessly – on any QI standard charger – and via USB-C cable. After four to six hours the Humble One is fully charged and ready to go another round.

Under the hood of the Humble One is a clever, modular, battery-powered system in which all components are easily serviceable and replaceable. The bulbs are replaceable as well, giving it an even longer potential life span.

Kom naar PERRON 47 voor meer info over deze collectie lampen!

Material & environment
Base aluminium
Cover PBT or aluminium
Bulb glass
Seals silicon
Weight 0,31 kg / 0,69 lbs
Waterproof IP22 - indoor, occasional outdoor use possible. Don’t leave outside, but can withstand a rain shower.


Technical specifications
Light source E27 low-voltage bulb
Power > 1W, 3V
Kelvin 2200k
Dimmable Candle 8 lumen
Ambient 16 lumen
Work 43 lumen
Control Toggle switch on bottom of base
Battery capacity 4000 mAh / 3.7V
Battery life Candle 140 hours
Ambient 80 hours
Work 40 hours
Charging Wirelessly (qi standard) or via cable (USB-A to USB-C cable included)
Charging time Cable: up to 4 hours
Wireless: up to 6 hours (with 10W adapter, available in our shop)
Adapter (not included) 5V 2A (= 10W, recommended)
5V 3A (= 15W, max)