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High-end craftsmanship from South of France.

In 2009 ZESPÀ was found, in Aix-en-Provence in the South of France.

They make high-end crafted footwear with patterns and colours inspired by their Mediterranean roots. They use noble ingredients, their products are long-lasting yet chic. Using their mastery they create shoes which are made for the customer who likes quality crafted products yet they are democratic when it comes to prices.

Firstly, they started by re-envisioning the design of the traditional espadrille turning it into a smart piece of footwear, then they walked their first catwalk in collaboration with Carven back in 2013.

Then later they decide to make trainers a high-end product in 2014.

For almost a decade they have shown to their customer how versatile our designs can be without forsaking quality of the product, the character and elegance.


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