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Houten Spatel Dutchdeluxes Acacia Skimmer Spatula XL


Houten Spatel Dutchdeluxes Acacia Skimmer Spatula XL

Chef’s around the world know this: wood is good for cooking. It’s strong, safe and soft. Wood can handle extreme tempera- tures and doesn’t scratch your beloved pans and pots. Spoons, skimmers and spatulas made out of 100% solid and shiny Acacia. You will love them!

  • Stir anything without breaking
  • It can handle extreme temperature changes
  • Wood will slide and not scratch the surface of your cookware
  • It has a high heat tolerance, won’t melt or deform
  • Hand wash, not in dishwasher.
  • Available in 8 models
  • In Acacia wood

Wood has the looks & the touch!

Wooden skimmer spatula XL; 34,5 x 9 cm

The colour of the actual product may vary from the colour shown on this website.

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