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A quality recognized everywhere.

The Tramarossa brand was born in 1967 at the hands of Urbano Chemello as a natural consequence of tailoring studies and the encounter with denim canvas.

In Tramarossa he transferred the new knowledge to make a jeans with sartorial details and only with denim. An avant-garde product, but one that does not meet the public's favors. In fact, in those years, in fact, the large-scale production of jeans with a casual look and sportswear began.

In 2003 the sons of Chemello Urbano, Roberto, Paolo and Luigi, already producers and owners of other brands, dusted off the idea of ​​tailored jeans and registered the brand Sartoria Tramarossa.

Thus begins the marketing of the product that through the evolutions of the different collections has become today a clear example of Italian excellence and great quality.


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